Mother of the Groom

Selecting a Mother of the Groom Dress

Mother of the GroomSure, you’re a little nerve wracked, but you’ll get through it. Your “little boy” is getting married, and one the things on your mind is picking the right “Mother of the Groom dress”. You know, a dress that shows off your style, without drawing undue attention.  Something tasteful, but not boring. Sadly, most of the vendors seem to cater to the rest of the wedding party, and don’t think much about the mother of the groom. While there are scores articles, online stores, etc, that specifically market to the Mother of the Bride, it’s much harder to find one that understands what YOU need.  

Don’t fret, we’re here to help, with a few simple guidelines that will get you on your way:

First and foremost…find your dress size.

If you aren’t sure what your dress size is, be sure to see a tailor and get measured. Knowing your size means you won’t waste time on any dresses that aren’t going to work for you.  It also helps you establish a relationship with your tailor so that once you have purchased a dress, the alternations will go smoothly.

Next: Pick a Style

While many people advise you to choose color first, we highly recommend picking a style before picking a color. The reason is that not every color works with every style, and so picking the style first ensures you’ll be happy with the fit and look.  When selecting the style of your dress, you’ll need to consider both the time of year, as well as the formality level of the wedding. Or, you can choose something more classic, that’s suitable for just about any season or venue. Many women also choose this point in time to accessorize, adding a hat, matching purse and some wonderful new shoes. The wonderful side-effect of choosing something more classic is that you’ll likely be able to use it in the future, and not just for weddings! Depending on the season, you might also consider a a light shawl, or jacket so you’ll be ready for unexpected changes in the weather.

Last preparation step….pick your color

Despite what you might have heard, no, you do not have to wear beige!  There are, of course, a few things to keep in mind when selecting a color, but resist the urge to “blend in” too much:

  • Be sure to check which color did the Bride selected for her bridesmaids, and steer clear of anything that might have you matching them too closely.
  • Also, if you can get a feel for what the Mother of the Groom will be wearing, you’ll be able to avoid matching her too closely, while also not contrasting too heavily.
  • Most importantly, choose something you love.  It will boost your confidence, and you’ll get the bonus of being able to use the outfit later for another occasion.

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