Mother of the Groom

Selecting a Mother of the Groom Dress

Mother of the GroomSure, you’re a little nerve wracked, but you’ll get through it. Your “little boy” is getting married, and one the things on your mind is picking the right “Mother of the Groom dress”. You know, a dress that shows off your style, without drawing undue attention.  Something tasteful, but not boring. Sadly, most of the vendors seem to cater to the rest of the wedding party, and don’t think much about the mother of the groom. While there are scores articles, online stores, etc, that specifically market to the Mother of the Bride, it’s much harder to find one that understands what YOU need.   Continue reading

Mother of the Groom Duties and Responsibilities

Well, it’s here…the day that your son let you know about a big change in his life. His primary focus will now change from being the “good son” into his new role as the “devoted husband”.  You’re likely to be a bit emotional about this change, but keep in mind that he’s still your son, and is depending on you to help him through the wedding.  Your little boy is now a little more than “all grown up” and he’s got a new woman in his life.  Similarly, you are now a little more than a plain old “MOM”, you’re a “MOTG”, or “Mother of the Groom”. And, you’ll take on plenty of new duties and responsibilities. Here’s our list of potential tasks and roles you’ll be taking on:

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Mother of the Groom Questions and Answers

Have you been concerned about bridal showers, the mother and son dance, the wedding rehearsal dinner, and also other potential mother-of-the groom responsibilities? Here is our top rated questions and answers frequently asked by a mother of the groom:

Q: My spouse and I had heard we are supposed to ask the bride’s parents over for drinks as soon as the engagement is announced. Are these claims true? Continue reading